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  • Experts say ocean piracy has become a worldwide problem as private yachts are incresingly targeted along with commercial vessels.
  • Anti-Piracy protocol for these vessels have become a multi-million dollar industry.
  • Highly trained Tactical Response Teams (TRT's) have become the norm.

  • Somali Pirates are captured
  • Hostage at sea
In recent years, the threat of piracy on the high seas has become a grim reality. NJM has provided tactical teams, on board surveillance, panic rooms, state of the art threat detection devices, impenetrable security protocol and superior firepower to some of the largest sea vessels in the world. Early detection and prevention are the keys to success when protecting the worlds largest yachts whether they are in port or on the high seas. Both domestic and international waters are safer with NJM at the helm.

"NJM provides my exclusive marine clients with personal protection, transportation and training from ship to shore."

Ed Ruff, President, EC Ruff Marine, Fort Lauderdale

"As the captain of a mega yacht that travels back and forth to the Bahamas, NJM tactical response teams keep our clients and crew safe from piracy on the high seas…"

Captain Jim Spencer

"The best transport protection specialists in the business… Land, Sea or Air."

Jim Howard, Pompano Helicopters

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