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Armored Precious Cargo Transport

NJM provides a wide variety of armored vehicles accompanied by highly trained tactical teams. Diamonds, jewelry, precious metals, fine art, and the newest high end commodity, medical marijuana are the most common transports. These are considered high threat level transports in which every aspect of the operation are covered from A to Z. All Armored transports are licensed, bonded and insured.

NJM employs only the finest close protection officers in the business. Most officers are ex-military, law enforcement, and highly trained tactical firearms specialists.

"The best transport protection specialists in the business… Land, Sea or Air."

Jim Howard, Pompano Helicopters

"NJM provides my exclusive marine clients with personal protection, transportation and training from ship to shore."

Ed Ruff, President, EC Ruff Marine, Fort Lauderdale

"They have truly raised the bar in personal protection. Doctors and pharmacies were being targeted pretty heavily at one time and many of us invested in NJM for our safety. Protection, and peace of mind? Nothing compares."

Dr. Barlow, Boca Raton Fl..

"As the captain of a mega yacht that travels back and forth to the Bahamas, NJM tactical response teams keep our clients and crew safe from piracy on the high seas…"

Captain Jim Spencer

Gaurdians of the Stanley Cup


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