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Trent "Doc" Powers

In Memorium
December 19, 1958 - August 25 2012


The rise, the fall and the future...

This page was added to the NJM website to memorialize the co-founder of our predessesor company, MIB PROTECTION INC., Trent (Doc) Powers.

On August 25th, 2012 Trent passed away. He is survived by a five year old daughter, His mother, cousins, nieces and nephews, his partners, Hawk and Nick and the MIB family. MIB had truly built an army of friends and associates in the protection world. After years of working for other agencies we applied for an agency license. The state granted us our first agency license right away. On a referral from a very satisfied A-list client, we were introduced to James Brown who embraced us, contracted us and affectionately named us his “MEN IN BLACK”. MIB PROTECTION was born. Once we had arrived with the “Godfather Of Soul” we had in fact arrived. Doc once told us that it was one of the greatest days of his life. I was honored that we could spend that time with him. In twenty years of friendship and a decade of partnership we shared a wealth of adventures and surreal experiences. Most of all he was our friend and brother. We loved him dearly and he will be greatly missed. He once said to us, “You're my favorite people to cheat death with.” One of the most famous stars in Hollywood, and one of our best clients stated : “Losing Doc was reminiscent of Led Zeppelin losing John Bonham. Never again will such perfect chemistry and magic come together as a single unit.” That was perhaps the best compliment we had ever received... He actually said to Doc once that MIB was the Led Zeppelin of Bodyguard Agencies. Like us, he is a Led Zeppelin fanatic. MIB and NJM would like to thank our exclusive clientele and it’s many associates for a decade of the most unforgettable experiences of our lives. The spirit of Doc and MIB will live on through its original officers. We love you and miss you our friend and brother!

“There is a rise and fall in all things, but the magic of soaring high is not dreading the fall but rather enjoying the pleasure and beauty of the flight.” - Hawk - I was honored that he said it was one of his favorite quotes.

Omar "Hawk" Herring